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Start Excelling

Adults Muay Thai classes are perfect for those aged 16+, beginners and the more advanced looking for a new gym to join. These are split into 2 different classes based upon the Thai grading system, Khan. Please click to learn more about these classes.

A New Way Of Learning

Dive right into this class, a rewarding class for any skill level. Rather than just listening, memorising, and repeating information, Muay Thai students get to discover, analyse, and use the facts presented to them, spurring their curiosity and allowing them to learn by doing and exploring. Click to learn more about our Junior Classes and its successes.

Start Your Strength and Fitness Journey

Our circuits and fitness classes are designed to improve mobility, strength and stamina to ensure a well rounded, full body work out. This is the perfect way to start building your fitness and encouraging a healthier lifestyle. These exercises are suitable for everyone!

Dedicated time to achieve your goals

Our dedicated coaches are available for 121 sessions tailor made to your fitness goals.

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