Weights Area Re-Opening!

Dear Members

First off we want to thank you for bearing with us during the current timetable and structuring of the classes. We understand this can be frustrating and believe us when we say it is not the way we want to run things, but sticking to the government guidelines will ensure we can remain open should we receive a spot inspection.

However, we are starting to make changes to our adults classes like introducing a buddy system, so it can only get better from here!

On Tuesday 8th September slots will be available for use of the weights area, but this does come with some rules:

  1. These slots are for MEMBERS ONLY (those who pay a monthly membership)

  2. You may only book 2 slots per week

  3. The area is limited to 2 persons

  4. Wipe the weights/equipment down BEFORE use

  5. Remain at a distance from the other user

  6. Communicate with the other user about equipment needs/uses

  7. Please avoid walking through the class, remain in the weights area

  8. Return weights to their rack when finished

  9. Lift an appropriate amount of weight for you

  10. Use proper form

  11. Don't forget to breathe through your movements

  12. Seek balance

  13. Control your movements, avoid injury

  14. Leave your ego at home, it's not a competition

We will have some more changes to come in the not so distant future.

Thank you everyone for supporting us, ONWARD AND UPWARDS!

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