As you are likely aware of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infecting hundreds of people in the U.K. it is time for all of us to do our bit in aim to stem the spread. We hope that by performing these actions we can keep all students safe and remain healthy.

Please read carefully:

· Please refrain from attending classes if you suspect you may have COVID-19.

· Wash hands with soap regularly, before and after training. We also have hand sanitiser available to use during classes.

· Tissues are provided should you need them. Please catch it, bit it and kill it. Immediately wash your hands, please do not enter the mats without doing so.

· Wipe down equipment/surfaces used with the wipes provided.

· Please bring your own gym towel for sweat.

· Take all equipment/clothing home with you disinfect and let dry OUTSIDEof your gym bag.

· We recommend where possible you bring your own equipment for your sole use.

We will/do:

· Disinfect jigsaw mats twice weekly.

· Toilets cleaned daily.

· Door handles/taps cleaned twice daily.

· Pads/body-shields/bags/weights cleaned daily.

Regarding equipment left in the gym, we do not have sufficient space to accommodate all that is left behind. Due to these items being breeding grounds for germs, we will be getting stricter on the disposal of such items. Every TUESDAY MORNING, we will be having a clear out; if clothing/equipment/bottles are left in the gym at this time, they will be disposed of. Please collect any and all belongings ASAP and forgive us if it is not here when a week has passed.

Should matters worsen in the UK and our county, Thaitans will employ additional measures to keep the gym open for our healthy students whilst also keep them safe from infection.

Please note, these are just precautionary measures.

We thank you for your understanding at this time.

All the best,

Chief Instructor, Kevin Dorman

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